Beautiful Vicenza

“In central Veneto, where many rivers run, lies the Province of Vicenza, an ever-changing landscape of mountains, valleys, water courses, art cities, and food and wine itineraries offering evocative landscapes, as well as many an opportunity for a rather pleasant vacation.
In the north lies the plateau known as the Altopiano di Asiago and its eight municipalities: dressed in a palette of colors, the emerald valleys and meadows scattered with cyclamens, primroses, woodruffs, and lilies of the valley mix with the dark green of thick woods, softened when the white snow covers the entire panorama.

Below the plateau lies the Bassano zone, dominated by Monte Grappa; it is the perfect destination for those charmed by the tranquilizing scenery of gently-rolling hills, places of remembrance, traditions and old trades.

Even further down are the wide valleys of Alto Vicentino, with their remarkable natural, historic and artistic landscapes.
The Basso Vicentino area, a strip of land in the far south of the province, appears as a geometrical mosaic covered by rows of vineyards, olive trees and fruit trees. The mighty rocks of the Berici Hills hover overhead.

Vicenza, situated in the plain’s center, is a fine exemplar of all the art, history, nature and culinary traditions the region has to offer.” 

Contessa Carolina Valmarana