Cá Marcello


Oct 28, 1:00 pm13:00 Uhr

About the event

Cà Marcello is an exquisite Venetian villa nestled in the lush countryside near Padova. Steeped in history, this architectural gem dates back to the 16th century and showcases a harmonious blend of Renaissance and Venetian Gothic styles. Surrounded by sprawling gardens and serene water features, the villa exudes an air of refined elegance and tranquility. Its distinctive facade, adorned with ornate carvings and intricate detailing, speaks to the craftsmanship of its time. The interior is equally enchanting, with grand frescoed chambers and well-preserved period furnishings that offer a glimpse into the villa’s aristocratic past.
Cà Marcello stands as a testament to Venetian opulence and cultural heritage, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in its timeless beauty.

The event is about 2.0 hours long.